FLEX-display Twin base systems TECH VIEW™  

Large walls - small prices

We are proud to introduce a new twin base system to the FLEX-display family - Twin base MEGA

Twin Base MEGA


Mega Effective

The new Mega base is a quick and cost effective way to create large banner walls.
A carrying bag of 208cm contains all parts, and weighs 5kg.



Price per unit at 10 units
Incl. 200x200cm banner
Excl. bag and freight

Twin Base XL


Fast easy and elegant

The Twin base XL display can carry banner widths from 100 – 150 cm.
The system fits into a 160 cm long bag and weighs 4 kg.



Price per unit at 20 units
Incl. 150x250cm banner
Excl. bag and freight

Twin Base WALL


Flexibility when it is best

The back drop wall shows you what Flex Display is all about: Versatility and Flexibility.
By assembling several systems you can create any size you want.
This particular example shows a 300cm backdrop wall that fits into 2 carrying bags of 160cm - and weighs 8kg in total.



Price per unit at 5 units
Incl. 300x200cm banner
Excl. bag and freight